Engine and Performance
  • 35+ years racing experience
  • Factory certified technicians
  • Full engine builds (AMA stock legal, Modified and National packages)
  • No one size fits all approach - custom build engine for your rider's size, riding style, and racing application. While others have one engine design and build all of their engines identical, we have the ability to custom design and build the engine to fit your specific needs.
Services we specialize in:
  • Cylinder porting, polishing
  • Cylinder boring, plating, honing, sleaving & repair
  • Engine case modifications, boring, stuffing, matching, and modifications to accept larger reed cages
  • Crankshaft repair and modifications, balancing, lightening and weighting, stroking and destroking, and manufacturing custom billet crankshafts
  • Custom billet parts. If the OEM doesn't make something we can use in our builds or we are not happy with what they have to offer, we make it, it's that simple. Custom billet cool heads, cylinder head inserts, billet intakes, billet water pump cover, billet clutch cover, & billet ignition covers, billet block-offs, crankshafts, etc..
  • Exotic builds - fit Japanese & custom cylinders and crankshafts to Cobra engine cases, fabricate and install custom ignition systems and flywheels to Cobra engines, custom heavy duty transmissions, special coatings for internal engine components, special clutch & shifting systems, etc..

Heath Racing
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