Heath Racing Cobra ECX Titanium Swingarm Bolt & Nut

Price : $174.99

Product Code: Heath Racing Cobra ECX Titanium Swingarm Bolt & Nut


Heath Racing Cobra ECX Titanium Swingarm Bolt & Nut.  Nut is not pictured, but is included.  This item is significantly lighter than the stock steel bolt & nut.  We can also custom make titanium bolts, axles, etc for other applications.

Heath Racing is an authorized dealer for Cobra, DRR, & Apex.  We carry a full-line of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories including products by AC Racing, Blingstar, Carlisle Tires, Douglas Wheels, Elka Suspension, Fasst Co., ITP, Liquid Performance, Lonestar, Maier Plastics, OMF Performance Products, Rath Racing, Rebel Gears, RK Racing Chains, VP Racing Fuels, along with many, many other products and brands.  

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or call 812/673-4958.  We also have most Cobra and DRR models in stock including Cobra ECX-50 & 70 quads, Kings, CM, P3, CX65, and DRR DRX50 & 90 quads, etc...  Also have several used Cobra bikes/quads in stock.

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