Heath Racing Billet Cylinder Head Anodized

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Product Code: Heath Racing Billet Cylinder Head Anodized



Cobra Billet Cylinder Head Kit

Nick named “The Ice Cube”.  This head was developed and designed exclusively by Heath Racing.  There are several benefits to this product.  #1, it allows the engine to run much cooler.  This is especially important at the end of the race, because these engines build heat and as a result, lose power and “fade”.  Three ways this product combats heat: 1) Much bigger water jackets allowing more coolant to carry heat away from where it is generated. 2) Built from a high quality material, billet aluminum, which dissipates heat better than the stock cast aluminum cylinder head. 3) Heat sink engineered into product that pulls heat away from engine which is thus carried away by the air passing by.   


This kit is available as a two piece design for the 50, 60, 65, & 70cc engines.  It comes as a one piece design for the 75, 80, & 90cc engines.  

We will need your engine for proper fitting on some bore and stroke combinations. 

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