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Heath Racing online Store provides a wide selection of new Cobra parts, accessories, and more.  We are constantly updating our inventory so check back often.  Select your product from the categories below or Click Here to visit the main menu!
Rath Racing Mini Quad Bumper Formula Brake Bleed Kit Cobra Clutch Milk  Cobra Knit Hat with Earflaps     
Heath Billet Products Body and Control Brakes & Suspension Chemicals Clothing, Gear etc. Clutch  Cooling Systems 
 Cobra Chain Guide King SR CX50 CM JR  Pro Design Racing Kill Switch    Trackside Pipe DRR/Apex   Cobra Clutch Retainer Wrench 
 Drive  Electrical  Engine  Exhaust Fuel & Carburation  Tools 
 Heath MX Racing's Ebay Store also provides a wide selection of new and used items. 
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Heath Racing is producing exceptional custom products for your Cobra Quads.  Visit out store or Specialty page ...
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Let Heath Racing custom build you a championship caliber quad
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Create your own custom look, pick a color, and let Heath Racing's crew make it happen!
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Visit the online catalogs of some of our distributors and let Heath Racing know what we can get for you! 
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Tucker Rocky 2014
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Tucker Rocky  2015
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 Tucker Rocky
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Marshall Distributing
   Are you buying your quad/bike from a dealer who is willing to provide you with the time you need to learn about the unit, will answer all of your future questions, is willing to provide you with the support you need to continue your racing career, and will be at the track as much as possible to have the parts available for you when you need them the most?  If not, Heath Racing is the dealer you need to contact.   Trackside Support is one of the areas we specialize in most.  We try our best to make as many local, regional, and national races as possible. 

Heath Racing hasn't missed one National Quad Motocross race in the last 4 years.  There have been many late nights spent up testing and tuning quads/bikes until wee hours of the morning to make sure every racer is out on the track the next morning.  Hours have been spent on those who need welding done, jetting help, motors changed, etc.  We will do everything we can to be at the events to support youth racers and do all we can to help the youth succeed -- whether you are one of our riders or not. 

 If you are going to be behind the kids, you have to be at the races.  How else can you insure that they are "Making the Show" and producing podium finishes at each and every round?  Think about that when you are going to purchase a new/used unit and part/accessories.  Give Heath Racing a call and pass the name on to your friends!  We thank you and look forward to talking to you soon!  
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Factory Certified Technician
  • 35+ years racing experience and Factory certified technicians
  • Full engine builds (AMA stock legal, Modified& National packages)
  • Cylinder boring, plating, honing, sleaving & repair
  • Engine case modifications
  • Crankshaft repair and modifications
  • Custom billet parts
  • Exotic builds
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Heath Racing

Phone: 812-673-4958

E-mail: heathmxracing@tds.net

Shop online at Heath MX/ATV Racing


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25% restocking fee on all returned items and special order products.
No returns after 15 days of receipt of product, all items must be in original packaging and in new condition.
After 48 hours of receipt of product, you forfeit your rights to chargeback the payment on your credit card.
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